Karen’s Kids Caregiving Learning Center

It’s been quite a long time since my last post. The times they are a changing my friend. So much has happened. Plans have changed and dreams have been modified. I have decided to work on another dream besides writing music. Teaching children. I didn’t want to teach math or anything like that, but I do like teaching children kindness. I love explaining to a child why we should all be nice to each other. I love the look on their face when they realize that they really are sorry for hurting someone’s feelings. I love the way you can read their face and see it clicking in their head because they keep their heart open and start seeing the other side of the altercation and the other person’s feelings. What better way to do that than open a daycare of sorts. I want it to be more than a normal daycare facility. I want it to feel like something more to the parents as well as the children. There is no better feeling than dropping your child off for their day at such a young age, at a place you know they will be taken care of and taught things they need to learn at their age to develop properly. So that’s what I am doing. The entire bottom floor of my house is looking like a preschool. I am just so thankful my hubby is backing me on this idea. Otherwise he would think I was losing my mind. The music website is not attracting the shoppers I had hoped so if I am changing  things up. The music will go back to the hobby status, and taking care of children will move to the front line. I do have a hidden agenda that I must admit to. I have so many things in the lesson plans that consist of learning through music. I may never be a famous songwriter but I do know how to raise children. I have always had to step into the role of taking care of another. I got to thinking about how much nicer it would be to deal with a child throwing a tantrum, than it would be spending half my life with adults who are less than kind and still throw tantrums.    


❤❤ Quite A Year of Questions

❤ Why must the things we want, be the hardest to find? ❤ Why do life’s questions always come to the surface in the middle of the night? ❤ Why do people look at you with sympathy when you really need empathy? ❤ Why can’t I rise everyday and be the best that I can be? ❤ Why am I still doing this? Because we all have to believe. We have to believe in ourselves. Whatever our talent or downfall may be, at least it will be the “real” me. The real me believes in things I cannot see. The real me longs to give only love and kindness to other human beings. 20140724_152642 ❤ Love everyone you meet, love everyday, don’t let love go. Enjoy Everyday.


❤ Another Song

❤ Since I wrote about everything but music in my last post, I decided to get back on track. I know people come to the site wanting to read out songwriting. When a person write a song they almost always are inspired by something or someone. IMG_20140724_164917 For me it’s my grandchildren that get me writing. They have an angelic quality that consists of grace and evil. They are full of the best and the worst. I think the next title to my next song will be “Simmer Down”. We as adults are sometimes cast in a spell that is cast by the children. We are in awe of their purity. We feel intimidation from their self proclaimed logic. We are bound by their love. We write and record what they do. We say we know better. But do we? Your Theme Song Everyone should have a theme song. Something that describes their life in sound and film. Have you ever thought about which song would be played at your funeral? If you are still very young you are probably still in denial that you will ever die. But, I am here to tell you I was just like you when I was young. It will happen. You will grow old. Don’t be afraid. Grow old gracefully, every single day of your life. Check this song out and you might get what I am talking about.   Peace and Love to All. ❤


♊ Everything But Music

❤    ❤  It seems everything has happened over the last few weeks except writing music!! One minute thing are going along like clockwork, and the next thing you know, something hits the fan and the “stuff” is all over you.  You suddenly are in the middle of favors, promises, and scams.   Try to picture this scenario.  You at the mid point of your lifespan. You have spent the greater part of your life clocking in and out every day at a place that becomes your second home.  You discover that not only have you gave them most of your time on this planet,  you have also given them your mind and body.  So now you are in this time and space, realizing,  just how much time is gone and you can’t get it back.  So now that’s over. You turn to the only thing you have to consume your days while you mind searches for that idea you need to keep your life going.  So you start a website about songwriting to make this pass too.  Well,,,and so……….. that was not so lucrative.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love writing about music, love writing songs, love writing about writing songs, and so on and on and on.  I just never quite cared for the advertising side of the website.  It might have kept me in the black if companies like Amazon didn’t make it impossible to do so.  Let me give you and example.  A customer makes a purchase through the links on your site.  The purchase is for seven hundred dollars. Granted you only receive a small percentage.  Then you are told by the company that you will not receive any commission,  since this customer is a “returning” customer.  Well, now I am not into selling anything and decided to just write what makes me feel good and look for a “regular” nine to five job to survive and pay the bills.  So time passes some more.  An opportunity comes along to work and home at a job that was in your old profession.  The problem with a lot jobs you get offered these days are pure commission.  Long story short,  that’s not going too well either.  So I decide to put myself back out there.  I raised kids all my life in one way or another so I decided to put myself on Care.com.  Mistake!   This is where it becomes ” the SCAM”!!! It’s not the website itself, it’s the predators that scan the women on it.  People just trying to make a living by watching and raising other peoples children.  I never received one offer off the site until last week.  It came by text to my phone.  A lady introduced herself in the text and instructed me to email a lady that was looking for a nanny.  Since my email, phone and name are on the site for contact purposes,  the text did not seem out of place to me.   The next day I sent an email to this person. Let me start this next part out with a couple of thoughts before I go to the email scenario.  First, as I started to send this first reply, I knew something was wrong. There were broken words in the email and in the text.  I am totally starting to realize how people get sucked into these email scams.  Now, keep in mind,  before I get to the second point,  I want to say that these were not your normal broken English in the emails.  They looked more like typo’s, so I brushed them off in the common sense part of my brain. But the second and most important thing I want to point out before I continued with the story is this……I felt something in my gut.  It was a bad feeling.  Like when something is wrong.  So onward we go to me sending her the initial email.   I simply stated in this email that her “friend” had contacted me that she needed a nanny.  I stated my cell phone number and told her to contact me anytime about the position, that was stated as being in my hometown as, “Nanny Needed”.  A couple of days passed and I almost forgot about the text.  Then, a couple of days later the email came.  And what an offer it was!  Pick up a three year old boy , three times a week,  and watch him a few more hours till his parents arrived home.  A few errands might be required, but other than that, the duties seemed simple.  But there was one thing in the first email that set me back.  In the very last paragraph,  she state that she would send me a cashier’s check.  No amount given.  I was to deduct my first weekly pay of three hundred and fifty dollars,  and the rest was to be used for “Foodstuffs” and such.  First of all,  I had no idea was “foodstuffs” was, but I told myself it must be another name for groceries.  I was beginning to realize that this  was not going to be my dream job,  but I could not help,  keeping the conversation going. I responded to the first email.  I wanted to give small details of myself, buy not enough that could do any damage.  I wanted to see how far this scam would go.  These person’s or whoever they were, are making me sick to my stomach, but I wanted to go on a little bit more.  I gave her the side of town I lived on, but not the address.  I sent my cell phone and asked her to call me,  asked about setting up a face to face at a close food establishment, and waited for the reply.  It came quickly.  She or he or whoever they are simply disregarded my questions, and restated to send my acceptance email with my name and address for the “financial” person, so I could be paid upfront.   Right then I knew for sure.  What person would hire a nanny, through a friend, but not want to meet face to face with the person they are going to entrust with the life of their child?????  Now, I ask you????  If you have children you will know exactly what I am talking about!!!!  The only thing that was address in the reply was the “money” arrangement. So,,,, I sent the final.  I stated that all sounds good, but what is the “address” they will be living at so I can figure out my logistics of where it is I am going to.  I did not send my address info.  And guess what?  I never received another email from this person.   I realized I had pressed for pertinent information, and they realized I was on to them.  But,,,,,, I wasn’t done with them.  I was PISSED! Forgive me, but I did warn you that this was an article about “Everything But Music”.  Sometimes you just have to vent so another person might not have to go through what you have. So I text the freaking person that started all this, just to ease my anxiety.  The first text was simple.  I asked her where she got my info to send me a text and she did reply quickly saying she found me on Care.com  …… This is what I told her in my last text to these “people” who try to hurt other people. I told them in the text the following things:,,,,, “Your friend broke contact when I started asking legit details of her residence address.  You should be ashamed of yourself!  It was obvious that your friend was pushing a check down my throat.  You people are so evil.  Do you really believe that a normal woman in America would let someone watch her children, when she has never even met them???   No Way!  I have been out of work for a year, no money, and could lose it all, and still, you scam people want to steal from a poor person.  Karma will come around to you , my friend!  I hope Sandra Larson is not your real name. I gave all information to the proper authorities.  Good luck in your very DARK furture. Signed the person you could not scam. THE END,,,,,, I HAVE TO LET THIS GO AND GET BACK TO SONGWRITING  !   10283_american_guitarv2_300             LOVE EVERYDAY    


July 4th Songwriting

So it’s the 4th of July! What are you going to do?     4th of july events Most people I imagine are celebrating. Thinking about the freedom we have. The things we can do here that you can’t or won’t do in other countries. Do you ever think about all the music that usually accompanies this holiday? The cookout’s going on in backyards and parks are usually filled with background music playing while the eating, the visiting and the game of choice is going on. I remember the old days when the game of Horseshoes was the hot item. Now it’s Corn Hole. Whether it be country music, rock music, indie, or whatever Genre, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Then we have the playlists that shuffle through while the fireworks glare in the sky at your chosen venue. There are always kids who are enjoying their own music selection on their headphones while all this is going on. To me this holiday is justification and validation for our right as a human being to live as one so desires. I sometimes think of the people that got on the boat to come here. How frightened they must have been. It’s funny how life has no such thing as perfect. Everything that ends up being patriotic is surrounded by a story of the dark side of human nature that turns away from darkness and arrives in the light of their destiny. 4th of july events My day will consist of starting a new song this fourth of July.


❤ ❤ Tic Toc Goes the Clock

Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Why do we watch the clock. ❤ It drives me insane how I watch the clock when I have a set time to get up so I need my sleep schedule to cooperate. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could lay down, go to sleep, and get up with a proper amount of rest time under our belt. I think fear itself used to be my worst enemy. But, now I realize that time itself is the essence of all my internal fear and anxiety. Sometimes it feels as if time wont’ leave me alone and sometimes it feels like the thought of time slipping away will drive me totally out of my ever loving mind. Tic Toc Goes the Clock ❤ After the last song I wrote I am feeling like a challenge is right around the corner. It’S not even really like a “challenge”. It is a welcome event in your life. I need to write something different. I’m not really sure what direction it will take me, but I am excited to see. What I am afraid of is the mother hen syndrome. I only have so much time before we go back to work and the pressure is on. You want to fulfill you hobbies while you have the time in life. I have music for a beautiful hobby. It may not pay the bills, but it fills a place in my heart that no other time consuming art can take the place of. People can not live on a job alone. They have to have something to come home to. Tic Toc we are approaching destination- Houston ! ✌ I am a musician, but!, I do not want to play in front of people. I want to write and record music and lyrics in the privacy of my own home, and distribute it at my own leisure. Cliff is rebuilding is Harley while I get the resumes ready for internet magic. I wish things had turned out different and I could spend my days writing and listening to music and everything it entails.

board sized

Love Everyday ❤

logo for NL Some things you just can’t figure out in your head. The thought or emotion, or musical idea just seams to appear. ♥ Song 46/or is it Song 47? If you are working on your own composition right now,  you know what I am taking about.  I am on the recording board right now. Recording and writing the song as I go.   All I did was press “new song” and there it went.  You may not like what you are going to hear,  but I like it,  so I am posting it. So song 46 became song 47 after I had to save it before it was bounced and recorded.  Then it occurred  to me.   The new title would be “Love Everyday”! I left the tracks alone until the next day.  I approached it by listening to the playback first thing in the morning. I visit website after website the talks about songwriting.  It’s all the same talk. They tell you what _websites to go to_to make it in the music business. <img class=” src=”chrome-extension://cahedbegdkagmcjfolhdlechbkeaieki/images/2764.png”/>


The Mask ⬅

♥♥ We have a mask we put on when we don’t want the world to know us.   I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to feel comfortable in my own skin.  I’ve spent the last few years trying to figure where to begin.      I don’t like the feeling you get after your world has been turned upside down, and you hear laughter down the hall.  You then realize the life goes on without you. That my dear is the hardest lesson to learn.  Everything else is insignificant. There are so many people like me.  There are so many people I wish could see. (idea for song)   ❤   Still not thinking of old stories, so I am just thinking of song lyrics. The text above in the wrong context looks like a crazy person wrote them. I took some time to actually sit and talk with one human being at a time, ,  instead of  just talking to them all at once and never conveying a single important thought. Just thinking of songwriting ideas.   Take off the mask and write, damn it, write ! Innocence is the answer to songwriting. Just feel the truth and sing it ! SAMSUNG


Making it through Friday☀

Last Friday will not happen again until the year 2049. Last Friday was Friday the 13th. Last Friday was my birthday. They say we die a little everyday. Every morning we wake up, we are a little bit different than the day before. My old friend Friday the thirteenth was back, and so was all the buzz comments about superstition and it’s superstitious ways. Sometimes I forget that I turned thirteen on Friday the thirteenth. Yes, I am very superstitious. But, then again, I think of how much I am “not” superstitious. There are times you just have to believe in the help of a higher power. Jesus Christ.  No plan, no business portfolio, music career, or large bank balance can determine the fate of your destiny.  If an event or a series of events are happening,  they are meant to happen. Even though,  they do not make sense in your daily life routine. So we sometimes find ourselves in a situation that is strictly determined by a persons perception of that certain life moment. Of course, everyone perceives a situation,  outcome,  details,  and the “jist” of a basic story in a different light or manner. Especially when they are repeating or remembering the story,  and how it all happened, only ,  when they are alone or in a quiet place to relax in. I am superstitious , with this in mind, the life karma will come back to me for not being true to the music that was always in my heart. I turned to playing music all the time when I was in my twenties. I turned my back on it by the time I was in my thirties. I decided to take the “expected” road, that most women my age take, at least in my small city.  It was a great,  nine to five job that paid very well,  and took my family to another level of comfort.  I could buy the girls anything they wanted.  Shoot ahead 20 years later.  The company closes the building down and still no job in sight a year later. The savings are slowing disappearing,  so I turn to the only thing around me in the house.  My Music. Music- Tools.  I need to start writing again.  The thoughts are flying and I decided to just start writing something, and do something to stop the crazy feeling of uselessness.  They say it’s normal to feel that way,  but, it doesn’t make it any easier. How wonderful,,, this year.   I started writing again, and my daughter took me to a wonderful birthday breakfast on Friday,,, and the grand kids spent the night on a sleep-over to watch movies and eat everything in sight , on my fifty-second birthday…. wow~~~. I play my songs for my grand-kids,  just to see their reaction. Kate is the best at listening politely and engaging in the song she is hearing, and she shows so much enjoyment. It fills my heart with a light of sunshine, even though I know she probably doesn’t care for it, and I’ll bet she is wondering what the heck am I doing!! Ha Ha  

Cliffs Baby 2012

Music Room

My Music Room is also known as my husbands music room, but for the purposes of this article the room is “Mine”. One of the benefits of being an empty-nest’er, is you seem to suddenly have these empty rooms in your house. So we moved the equipment in, and the wires were ran with the outcome being a very nice little studio. We took the double doors off the closet, and recovered with multiple old thick blankets. Did I mention my hubby lined the inside of the closet with brand NEW thick blankets, strictly for acoustic purposes. Really? I had extra old ones. Anyway, we also hung a few guitar holders on the walls for a really cool look. How could you not have the music room include an American flag on the wall? This is our place to shut out everything. Concentrate on having fun. The recording board, the guitars, the amps, the stacks, the pedals and the effects. Notebooks stacked with lyrics that may never see the light of day, but still hold love and memories. Here in this place, there is no part of the world, or the people out there in it, that can define who I, am or my self worth. Here I am queen. I can control what I listen to, or how I am spending my time. Thinking of lyrics and vocal licks, while hubby is working on rhythm and guitar licks. He is always looking for a new lead guitar solo or a slick chord progression. Here I am lucky enough to spend time with my soul mate, as an equal instead of a wife. We spent so much time on our music years ago. We spent even more time pushing it to the back burner, to work in the rat race for years and years. Now with life changes coming our way, we are turning back to the one thing we love to do together, all this time. Did I forget to mention we were employed at the same company, and rode together to work for 20 years? IMG_0879


“Why “__ #songwriting #recording

Why____ That is the question. I spent some time alone in the music room last night. I shut down all the instruments, and put my acoustic guitar up to mic and just started singing the first words that came to mind. Take a listen to the track that’s posted below. thumb What’s funny about writing a song is the next day, after you write it. I always try to walk away from the song until my mind clears. So I woke up this morning and logged onto SoundCloud and Reverbnation. To my surprise I already had a few “likes” and even a “share”. As I listened to the playback before posting it to Facebook, I realized how sad the song was. Every song out there can’t be “Happy”. As I read over the lyrics from last night, I realized I was writing about my mom. We had a strange relationship. Let’s just say I don’t think I was her favorite child. I was the oldest, and I understood how her time had to be split between each one of us. That doesn’t mean I liked it, or that I learned how to deal with feeling of being short-changed when it came to being loved, unconditionally. The first two lines of the lyrics are, _I know I look like him _I know you hated him This came from a conversation with my daughter yesterday, before I starting writing this song. A couple of days ago, someone had sent me pictures of my biological father. I had heard he passed away, and I hadn’t seen him since I was very young. She came over for a visit and I pulled out the picture to show her what her biological grandfather looked like. She held up the picture next to my face and just stared without speaking. The her eyes bugged out of her head and she proceeded to tell me I was the female version of him. “No wonder you and Grandma didn’t get along”, “It must have made her think of him every time she looked at you”, she informed me. So as I pondered this in my head, it did help me understand the situation more from her perspective. It was probably really hard to see my face everyday and not be reminded of bad times in her life. But still, I always wonder what it would be like to be really close to your mom. This leads me into my third line of the lyrics. ___ I felt every inch of your pain….. It fits, don’t you think? Looking at life through another person’s perspective is making you feel their pain. Into the last of the verse…… __ I didn’t understand and ____Why I was punished and _ Hung out on a limb to dry I don’t know where that comes from, but it came out and I wrote it down, so it fit. Sometimes, that’s just how it happens when I just let go and stop judging my writing. All that leaves is the chorus. ___ Why didn’t you love me _____Unconditionally??? Of course the words and lines are repeated, but that’s about it for the lyrics. Every human being wants unconditional love. I don’t care what they say, they want it and they need it. Mom has passed away along with “dad”, so as I write this post I will put this subject to bed and move onto a project that talks about something “upbeat”. Thank the Lord for the music in my life. It not only pleases my ears when I listen, it also give me an outlet to express feeling’s and deal with issues that might be buried so deep that they only come out when I sing. The video "WHY" stars my grand-daughter Kate.


Dwelling on Lyrics

Only a few weeks ago I found myself watching The Science Channel and catching a show called, “Through The Worm Hole”, which was hosted and narrated by Morgan Freeman. There was a marathon spree playing all day. I learned more about science in one afternoon than I did in twelve years of school. Now the subject matter was coming up again. Six AM and the sun is coming up to the sound of birds singing. I love the smell of the fresh green grass as I open up the garage door. I sit in the quiet with my coffee and cigarette. My “Super Soul Sunday” show is about to start, so I open up the laptop and log onto Twitter. Last night looked productive. A few more followers are added to my page. I follow back one of them. As I am checking out the profile page, it starts looking interesting, so I follow them back. I notice there are some pretty large words in their profile description. It wasn’t until I received their direct message, that I started thinking. The message contained three Hashtags. They were #Epistemology, #Metaphysics, and #Quantum mechanics. I was familiar with two of the words, but the first one I had to look up. I’m not even sure I am pronouncing it correctly. But, funny enough, it has a very simple meaning. Epistemology is basically the “theory of knowledge”. So my mind started to wonder about knowledge, existing, energy, matter, space, time and songwriting. A billionth of a second in the past as I live right now. Everywhere I look I am looking in the past. Sometimes it feels as if we are in the past, the present and the future all at the same time. They are all entangled like particles. Everything we do or say, is being intertwined within a moment of time. It’s now creating our past, which was just a thought in our mind, a billionth of a second ago. This is almost too deep for me on a day the Lord meant for everyone to rest. So what has this got to do with songwriting, recording or music? I Knew you would ask that. One word. Ideas! People often have asked about coming up with lyrics for their songwriting. Is it the subject matter, lyrics or content they can’t figure out. I know someone who plays the devil out of a guitar, sing back up vocals and reads music. Problem is, he doesn’t write original music. His gigs are filled with versions of strictly copy songs. I try to find ideas for lyrics when it I am trying to find out about “finding out”, if that makes any sense. This brings me back to the twitter message I received. The three hashtags made me think of a definition I heard on the show. ———“What exists is much richer than what you observe”. __from “The Worm Hole”.. (Quantum Mechanics) Everyday is filled with everything we need to write a song. Words you’ve written down or spoken are now part of a situation that contradicts itself. How can I write a song about what I don’t understand? There’s the idea! A song about how there is a reason for everything we do. How sometimes it feels like we are acting in a movie of our own life. We don’t know why we made certain choices at a certain time. We just did the best we knew how at the time. How the love of a higher power has us looking for something more than material success. How we are happy when someone or something finds us, and how we are lost when someone let’s us go or something is taken away. But even though things are taken away in life they are replaced with what we really needed all along. We just want a little help seeing what it is. So thank you new Twitter friend. You woke me up by making me think of much deeper things in world besides our everyday little problems.

boogie down south

Gigs _in shady areas!

Gigs in Shady Areas So you have a gig lined up for your band. You really don’t care that it’s in a “compromised” area of town. But the truth is, you better keep a good eye on your equipment! I don’t want to give advice, just alert musicians not to let this happen to you. I just don’t like the word ‘Advice”. Here is the story of what went down at our shady gig. It was the part of town that had it’s own nickname. It was an area of a city that had been left behind. Buildings with small businesses in them lined the streets along side residential houses. Most of the buildings are of significant age and have not been tended to for many many years. There was a small tavern on the corner of their main cross street. I don’t think many people would even enter the building if they didn’t live in the neighborhood. The curb appeal was less than desirable. Old, dark and depressing. It was a neighborhood that was left and lost in time. We arrived early on a Friday afternoon. As we walked into the little bar the first thing I noticed was has dark it was inside. My eyes tried to adjust as we walked in from the bright sunlight outside. We had four members in the band at that time. We all set up our own equipment and as one finished before the others is how we found out some interesting details going on around us. Our bass player finished first and joined a couple of guys at a table in the back of the bar. The lead guitar player, my hubby, recognized them from past high school days. They noticed us glancing their way and the taller man nodded his head as if to acknowledge us looking. I saw that the group didn’t look very happy. You would think a few guys having some beers on a Friday afternoon would be in a good mood. They suddenly all rose and started to gather their belongings from the table and appeared to be leaving the bar. We were still on the stage setting up and we watched as they walked up to us. My eyes wondered back to their table and noticed our bass player was still sitting at the table, now drinking alone. His eyes did not look up. They stayed focused looking down at his phone as if checking a message. The taller gentlemen of the three spoke first. He directed the conversation to my hubby. ‘How the hell have you been man?” They both smiled and shook hands quickly. I breathed a sigh of relief. My first thought was that these guys must be okay since my hubby was smiling. Then I remembered his excellent poker face he used when he was on the defense. Who was this guy, I wondered. Let’s call him ,”Billy”. Billy looked over at me and I saw his mood change. “So, this is your new singer. What’s your name honey?” He grinned a tiny bit, at the corner of his mouth, as if he was amused I was the “new singer”. He tipped his ball cap he was wearing and turned to face the other two gentlemen, who followed his lead and headed towards the door for their exit. Our bass player then returned to the stage as we finished setting up the last of the equipment. “What was all that about?”, I asked. He then proceeded to tell us that “Billy’s” band had been playing here over the last year as a house band. The owner had informed them he had heard a new band at another venue and had decided to give them a chance on race weekend. Needless to say, he then conveyed how unhappy and pissed off these guys were at us. I had no idea we were taking another bands spot, and now have been released from work. My hubby then informed me he had went to school with Billy and proceeded to tell me a couple of old stories about this guy. The word creep and psycho came to mind after I heard about some of his escapades in the past. I feel no need to mention that they might have involved criminal activities in his childhood. So we did our Friday night and it had a few hitches. The word hecklers seem to be the theme of the bar when the same gentlemen arrived and took their table in the back. They showed up soon after the first set had just begun. If looks could kill, I would surly be dead. It was not just me, they were eyeballing all of us. The last set was finished, that bartender had just called last round and the hubby and I were enjoying a drink after a long night. The owner just kept bringing and bringing us free rounds of beer and before we knew it the sun was coming up. We had both had way too much to drink so we decided to walk a couple of streets over to a friends house who lived close by. We left all the equipment, since we were booked for the whole weekend. Now I am just a small town girl who may be naive, but I never thought what happened after that would happen. When we returned that day after getting some sleep, we were horrified. All the microphones, stands, small monitors, guitars, wires, extra strings, bags of supplies, and so on were gone. The only thing left were the stacks, the board and the drums. The bass player had taken his equipment with him. Remember, we had left the guitars so we didn’t have to carry them for a couple of blocks. Mistake. Mistake. Mistake. We approached the waitress on duty and was told she had no idea what we were talking about. We awaited for the owner to arrive who told us he had no insurance for this sort of thing. We called the police. There was nothing they could do since we had no proof the equipment was ever there. Long story short, it was almost 20 years later we found out who stole our musical equipment. You guessed it, BILLY. So, don’t take every gig you are offered. I know many musicians are starving but sometimes it pays to do some research. Especially when your gig is in a very SHADY area. KliffsEdge    


The Commerce

Articles and References The reason you see ads on every website you go to. Money. Every publisher needs income from advertising to sustain the online business they have created.   So you see the ad I have placed above, I am guessing.  I am also guessing the other websites are not like mine. There is no cost for anything on this site.  I can’t sell music that is in demo state. That is the whole point of the website being up. It is a new age for “anyone’s” music getting heard by “anyone”.  I’m just an older lady living in Indiana that used to play in a small local band many years ago. Just a young girl who started writing songs to escape from life, sometimes. Just somebody who can play just enough guitar to find some chords and give it some life. There are days that I lose track of time because I am lost in the back room with a recording board, a microphone, and an old guitar, just going to town and having a good time with just me and the song.  Playing guitar and meditation can be relaxing pillars in anyone’s life.  I meditate in an unconventional sort of way. When I close my eyes as I play a song I start to drift to a place I come to, like when I am chanting a phrase. The chords and pattern of the song is embedded in my memory, so my hands drift unconsciously from chord to chord, producing the sound for the vocal. I forget it is happening, and I start to think of something else, in that moment , that makes me happy, or I simply think of nothing at all, and just let the it happen, and just experience the “feeling” of being well in this moment.  Which brings me back to commerce. Or                  E-Commerce, or whatever you want to call it. The site still has another good few months of being on the web, and then we shall see. So, everybody who keeps saying the music business as changed is just plain full of bull.  The only difference in this day and age is,  now the bands have to do a lot more of the marketing and advertising work themselves if they want to make any profit at all,  from what I’ve read, that is.  They have more tools for exposure than the bands of past ever did. Social media is the best free tool a band forming a brand can have. The big money still comes from the ones who have the big guys behind them to absorb some of the cost of being a professional musician. They still have the greatest distribution power of process for your music.  But that’s just my opinion!  


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